Exsalerate offers full CRM integration with WorkflowMax.

View Jobs in Exsalerate

View all jobs that are planned, in progress or completed, we also give you a link so you can quickly edit or view the job in WorkflowMax.

Create WorkflowMax jobs from Exsalerate

Send jobs to your WorkflowMax templates and assign jobs to your colleagues, you can also set up repeating jobs.

View Quotes

We display all quotes and give you a direct link back to the Quote in WorkflowMax

Import your WorkflowMax database

Import all your WorkflowMax customers easily, if you use Lead Manager we’ll also import estimated values and other important information so the connection flows seamlessly. You can also add new customers back to WorkflowMax with one click.

Why Exsalerate?

Exsalerate is simple, effective, affordable online CRM software created especially for small to medium businesses.

Exsalerate CRM will increase sales and improve client retention.

It is all in the cloud—logon from any device, anywhere.

Exsalerate will be your reps’ best friend.

Exsalerate optimises your sales process.

Access to all our features for 9 per user.