"Members feel valued and more confident about their financial future as exsalerate has improved their NZCU South experience"


In reviewing its business strategy NZCU South found its members were not visiting its branches often, with many only coming in a twice a year. They needed a more proactive way to stay in touch with their members in between branch visits to advise them of promotions and other news and decided to do so by phone. The company needed a CRM system and because many of their 80 staff had never used CRM, they chose Exsalerate for a flexible, cost effective and easy to use solution that ensured staff buy in from the start.


The Exsalerate team worked with NZCU South to understand the business and customise the product to suit. This included designing an NZCU South sales pipeline and setting up reporting channels. Despite some nervousness about the setup, given the staff’s lack of CRM experience, the system proved easy to use, with the one on one online training highlighted as very practical and easy to follow, and staff bought in from the outset.


"Staff use the system to drive their weekly contact schedules and NZCU is in contact with its members regularly throughout the year. Members report feeling valued and more confident about their financial future as Exsalerate has improved their NZCU South experience. Team leaders easily monitor their staff’s call numbers and outcomes and management track leads efficiently. NZCU’s marketing is more focused and productive, member retention has improved and its personal lending business is growing."

"Our reps’ call rate increased 20 per cent"

Former Chase Distribution National Sales, (the Parent Company of Pitstop Auto Servicing) manager Mark O’Connell is a 25 year veteran of using CRM systems and is sold on Exsalerate. “I’ve used CRM tools since 1989 and most of them have become horrendously expensive and irrelevant. They have too many features hanging off them which are not used,” he says. He describes Exsalerate as a “comprehensive bare bones product” which has delivered a significant increase in productivity for the exhaust and emissions component importing and distribution business. “At Chase Distribution our reps’ call rate increased 20 per cent throughout the country and sales are up 30 to 35 per cent in Auckland and Christchurch since we started using Exsalerate.”

"Exsalerate has pulled our team back together, working closer than ever between members"

“Simple CRM with a great feature set”

“Willingness from support to get us up and running is second to none”

“Simple and Effective CRM that has pulled our Sales and Client Service members together.

“Customer data is our business and Exsalerate has managed to tie it all together for our team members”

Ryan Eldridge - My Marketing Solutions.

"The team often comment on the ease of adding activities"


Fisiocrem is a registered natural health product and topical solution for muscle and joint pain. Fisiocrem Canada Ltd has a team of five employees who have been marketing the product across Canada since July 2015. The sheer size of Canada, which has six different time zones and separate provincial tax schemes, offers inherent challenges every day. That's why it is vital to have a flexible CRM that is intuitive, integrates with its accounting software and can handle the specific reporting requirements of the warehouse.


In the 2 months since Fisiocrem started its push into Canada Exsalerate has integrated with its accounting software, easily allowed staff to add new lead information, and a custom report was built exactly to the warehouse’s specifications.


“Uploading new lead information is now really simple, and communication between staff, warehouse and customers is easy."
“The level of service I've had from Steve and the team has been exceptionally responsive."
“We hired staff who came with experience working with other CRM packages. In each case, training has taken about 2-3 hours per staff member which is considerably less than anticipated. It speaks volumes to the intuitive design of the program."
“The customised report that the Exsalerate team built has been a huge success. It would have been a timely and costly task to manipulate a templated report from another CRM into the format our warehouse requires and it is an example of the flexibility and capacity that Exsalerate offers. Our custom built order report has been a key feature in our daily operation and something I use several times a day."
“The team often comment on the ease of adding activities and they make good use of the notes field on a lead dashboard—it's great to have a place to dump any quick comments without the need to load another screen.”

Steve Ponga

General Manager

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