Account Management

It costs far more to win new business than it does to retain existing customers, so make sure you love the ones you’ve got!

Sales Pipeline

Setup your ideal pipeline so your team has a systematic process to follow-up every deal and create order out of chaos!

Embedded WebForms

Send inquiries from your website to Exsalerate! Save time on data entry and ensure each opportunity is followed up.

To-Do list

Schedule activities and be proactive! You can’t control every outcome but you can control your actions!

Integrate with your favourite apps.

Our integrations with Xero, WorkflowMax and MailChimp connect your business so you can share data, automate tasks, save time and increase productivity with just a few clicks.

You can use integrations to:
* connect to Xero and download all your contacts to Exsalerate
* sync your sales revenue so it is automatically displayed on your client dashboard
* add leads back to Xero once they become paying customers with a single click.
* connect to WorkflowMax and download all of your clients and leads to Exsalerate, create jobs and quotes right from your client dashboard.
* view work in progress and completed jobs right from Exsalerate.
* monitor your MailChimp campaigns and access your key campaign information right from your client dashboard.

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Mobile App

Take your customers with you and access your To-Do list on the go, you can view a company’s full history right before stepping into a meeting!
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What do our clients say?

Featured Case Study

“Staff use the system to drive their weekly contact schedule. NZCU is in contact with its members regularly throughout the year and members feel valued and more confident about their financial future as Exsalerate has improved their NZCU South experience”

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About Exsalerate

Exsalerate is made in New Zealand!

We got tired of complicated, expensive CRM systems that create too much work for our team, so we decided to build our own.

We provide you with the tools to nurture your customers to maximise their lifetime value.

We’ve built the functionality needed to effectively track leads and keep existing customers happy at a fraction of the cost of most CRM software.

Steve our founder also started Urgent Couriers in 1989 so has a huge amount of experience in running a successful fast paced service business.

Exsalerate originated out of Urgent Couriers' need for a tool to help its sales reps be more effective.

Since introducing Exsalerate to the Urgent team the growth and client retention has improved significantly.

Steve Bonnici


Garry Fraser

Lead Developer

George Hampton

Product Specialist

Derek Wittman

Product Specialist

Antonio Artisian

Infrastructure Manager

Kevin Chen


Sarah Ball

Finance Manager

Dane Bonnici

Business Development