Integrate with your favourite apps.

Our integrations with Xero, WorkflowMax and MailChimp connect your business so you can share data, automate tasks, save time and increase productivity with just a few clicks.

You can use integrations to:
* connect to Xero and download all your contacts to Exsalerate
* sync your sales revenue so it is automatically displayed on your client dashboard
* add leads back to Xero once they become paying customers with a single click.
* connect to WorkflowMax and download all of your clients and leads to Exsalerate, create jobs and quotes right from your client dashboard.
* view work in progress and completed jobs right from Exsalerate.
* monitor your MailChimp campaigns and access your key campaign information right from your client dashboard.

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Exsalerate your sales anytime, anywhere

Exsalerate is the sales professional’s best friend. Every appointment is stored on your personal calendar and you can set reminders and followups on the fly, no matter if you’re at your desktop computer or out in the field. With Exsalerate you’re able to monitor your progress towards reaching your sales targets in real time, so there’s no need to contact other departments for an update on progress or payments. Get directions to your next appointment from your current location using your smart device and quickly refer to all your notes and key information on the run. We have helped sales professionals achieve their goals faster, work smarter and take the next step into the future with Exsalerate.

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What our clients say?

“We were looking for a CRM system that was simple, effective and easy to use which is exactly what Exsalerate is. We’re not a large company but we understand the importance of having a good solid sales tool that ticks all the boxes and supports our sales processors and most importantly helps us provide excellent customer service. I’ve managed many sales teams and used a wide variety of CRM systems and I have found this one to be the best. Highly recommended.”

Phil Murry

General Sales Manager

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Featured Case Study

“Staff use the system to drive their weekly contact schedule. NZCU is in contact with its members regularly throughout the year and members feel valued and more confident about their financial future as Exsalerate has improved their NZCU South experience”

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About Exsalerate

Exsalerate is an online CRM software package that helps small to medium businesses increase sales and improve client retention.

We got tired of complicated, expensive CRM systems that create too much work for our team, so we decided to build our own. Our goal was to keep it simple, effective and affordable—everything we think CRM software should be.

We focused on building the functionality needed to effectively track leads and keep existing customers happy at a fraction of the cost of most CRM software.

Steve Bonnici


Garry Fraser

Lead Developer

George Hampton

Product Specialist

Royce Pederson

Infrastructure Manager

Kevin Chen


Sarah Ball

Finance Manager

Dane Bonnici

Business Development